Arrival in Comox to pick up the boat

Flying over Desolation Sound, north of Vancouver Island

I flew in a bit later than the rest of the crew, in glorious weather, hardly a cloud in sight. Michael Forbes Smith, the skipper, Jenny Jones and Angus Annan had arrived on air and by ground, then I, Rune Bakken, got in about 4pm.

Dump the gear on the yacht, and off to the shops, as the BC Liqueur shop closed at 6 … Jenny and Angus did most of the other provisioning with a bit of "help" by me, i.e. making sure we had good coffee with us. Michael was attending the "fear of god" skippers briefing done by the charter company.

Later, after stowing the provisions we headed up to an excellent dinner at a local pub.

Rune Bakken, 06.09.2011 | More from Rune Bakken’s blog