Autumn in Sydney

Dear Little Ship Club friends,

I have been rereading the last two LSC magazines and getting great pleasure in all the descriptions of rallies and members trips.It was nice to see and read about  old friends again even though I am half a world away.

My own sailing aboard my Endeavour 26 TULIP has been a bit limited lately but at last I have her renovated to the point where I can take her for longer cruises with one other person, usually my son. The past summers trips were around Sydney Harbour as the winds have been light and we seem to have had a lot of rain but we managed to get voyages to more remote parts of the harbour for overnight stays. .Autumn didn't start of particularly well either with rain for most of March although  April was better but the seasonal westerlies died after a couple of weeks and lately it has been motoring with the sails up in the hope that some breeze will arrive. I went out whalewatching last week about 3nm off the coast where the Southern Right Whales are undergoing the annual migration to the Artic from the Antactic. Following the sun??? Anyway, I didn't see any this time.

My Sydney club ,The Middle Harbour Yacht Club, is very much a racing club but  has a cruising division with  22 boats all of which are based in the area of the club.We have occasional rallies and the last one was an Easter Rally to Pittwater, a large waterway some 20 nm north of Sydney harbour. Unfortunately the weather was terrible and only two boats turned up. I wasn't one of them. With winter coming on many of the cruising members head north for the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef. In fact my last communication with the LSC was a description of the first part of a trip up there aboard Simply Irresistable in 2014. Whilst I am not going up there this year I am helping a friend take his boat part of the way next week.

So now I finally know I can send a blog on this site you will be hearing from me occasionally. Dick Williamson

Richard Williamson, 29.05.2017 | More from Richard Williamson’s blog