Belgium & Netherlands Cruise - Day 3

Keeping Watch on the Schelde

Monday 17th August 2015 - Breskens to Antwerp

Leaving Breskens to catch the tide we  had bacon butties en route. The river Schelde was very busy. Huge container ships, and barges along with a number of yachts gathered in close proximity to take the flood tide to Antwerp. In these sort of conditions it is important to make sure that a good lookout is maintained at all times. Arriving at Antwerp we were lucky to find the lock gate open and the bridge over the Kattendijksluis was opened for us as we approached. Once inside we went into the Willemdok where we were to spend two nights. For the first time since leaving Ramsgate it rained. Always something to spoil a beautiful day.

Jonathan Hague, 24.08.2015 | More from Jonathan Hague’s blog