Belgium & Netherlands Cruise - Day 4

The Kulminator 40th Anniversary

Tuesday 18th August 2015 - Antwerp, the City of Art

History, Architecture, Diamonds, Design, Art and Fashion. From the Willemdok to the city centre was about a five minute walk. The MAS Museum is one of Antwerp’s new buildings which overlooks the Willemdok marina and provided panoramic views over the city and the extensive docks. 

A free day in Antwerp enabled some crew to visit a number of the museums, galleries, historic churches and the Cathedral. Others spent the day exploring the numerous bars selling the finest Belgian beers. We had dinner at KathedraalCafe, otherwise  known as The Eleventh Commandment  There were more than 400 religious statues in the restaurant, more than in most churches! and almost as many the number of Belgian beers available. 

After dinner we visited the Kulminator bar which was reminiscent of a disorganised off-licence with crates of beer stacked in every corner and piles of paperwork here and there! The bar had celebrated its 40th anniversary last year.

The 40th Anniversay beer was 16.5 % ABV had been aged fror ten years in ex Chateau d'Yquem oak casks and resembled a fine Madeira, slightly petillant. The beer had been brewed at the Mikkeller bewery in Copenhagen where the 50th anniversary brew for 2024 has already been brewed and is maturing.

The crew slept well.








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