Belgium & Netherlands Cruise - Day 5

Avventura & Blustery Day in Goes

19th August 2015 Antwerp to Goes

Leaving Antwerp from the Willemdok we all agreed that a re-visit to this wonderful city was a must. We joined the parade of yachts motoring in an orderly BRITISH fashion into the Lock ready for our passage to Goes.

Motor sailing towards Goes was very pleasant and we entered the Kanaal door Zuid Beverland at about low water. Having passed along the canal and through two lifing bridges with little waiting we entered the Oosterschelde briefly before locking into the Goes canal. At last we saw the beautiful open countryside dotted with traditional Dutch buildings, green fields and people cycling along the canal.

Goes Is a lovely town with a great yacht haven tucked away between the modern and old houses and flats. Avventura and Blustery Day rafted togatether in the corner of the basin. Rrestaurants were just a step ashore and the town square jusat around the corner. Having eaten out a number of times we decided to eat on board inviting the crew of Blustery Day to join us. A superb Spaghetti Bolognese was prepared by our gastronaut followed by Norwegian Almond treats and Norwegian firewater to drink.

Jonathan Hague, 24.08.2015 | More from Jonathan Hague’s blog