Information from HPO ROY FACEY, ADEN

Following information received from Roy: Many thanks for the message, and my apologies for the lack of contact recently.  I do indeed receive the Journal, thank you, and various messages from the Club by email.  I may be able to get to the 2016 HPO dinner, as I've had to apologize for the past few years due to not being in the UK at the right time. I left Aden in 2011 because of the situation there, but have been closely involved in getting a Nicholson 48 there ready to leave Aden for the Mediterranean as soon as the situation allows.  We hope to get her to Port Sudan or Suakin, where I would join for the voyage to a marina in Spain.There are no yachts passing Aden at present due to the situation in the region and the security advice to keep well away from that area.  I have just checked again with the Deputy Chairman of the port.  Yachtowners have to either sail around Africa or ship boats between The Gulf and the Med, or send them overland.  All very sad – but it will eventually change.  I was in Somaliland at the end of July for 2 weeks to survey a site for a port that used to be used by the British for 100+ years up to the 1950’s, at Xiis, and visited Berbera, which has plenty of dhows but not a yacht in the harbour. I am in Switzerland at present and will return to the UK   If I have an opportunity I will call in at the Club while I am there.  I’ve been in Mombasa recently, and am due to carry out a survey of the small ports on the Moroccan coast between September and December.Kind regards,Roy Facey
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