Le Blog du Lot - The Final Episode

Once again, the Potamoi were on our side, and the rain held off as we made our way to Caix. We stopped en route to test the “ancrage sauvage” so dear to the French (not a people generally known for their parking prowess!), and lunch was spent at anchor – or rather, lassoed to a tree.

For the first time, the food served for dinner in the only restaurant was disappointing – however, we were treated to a wonderful impromptu concert, by a local guitarist and a clarinet player – whom we had met working the locks! They jammed for a good hour, clearly enjoying performing as much as we enjoyed listening to them. 

The morning saw us walking to the Château de Cayx, which belongs to the Queen of Denmark and her consort, Henri de Monpezat, who hails from the region. The tour, given by the Prince’s Private Secretary, was entertaining as well as informative, and of course we ended up spending our last few Euros in the Château’s shop. 

Caroline had organised an end of cruise dinner at the Auberge du Vieux Douelle, who had gone to a lot of effort to make the room welcoming and festive. The food was, as expected, local, rich, and wonderful, and the wine flowed freely.

The evening was rounded off by Caroline’s allocating the prize for best quiz answer; and in turn we thanked her for a most marvellous time by a token of our appreciation.

And so the question everyone who was there wants to ask Caroline, is, of course: “where are we going next?”

Anne Billard, 26.06.2013 | More from Anne Billard’s blog