Ronhilda's Gentle Oct FC

For October's Fast Cruise Ronhilda had a reduced crew and his skipper was still suffering from, and had not recovered from, his appendix operation in July. So it was decided the journey from his Gulag located in the far east in Chichesterstan would be taken easily and the actual cruise would be with a small sail plan.

On the morning we started gently and indeed were soon far behind the rest of the fleet long and short courses. Never mind, we were all enjoying the sail and could still see the the others in the distance. Midday saw a reduced fare for Ronhilda served up in deference to the Skippers health as we drove on towards Hll Head. Even with small sails we saw 9 knts in the gusts and four pm saw us rounding the Solent marker in the West Solent and listening to others having finished getting walk-ashore berths. After we also finished ( last ) we came up the river in hard rain and increasing wind as the forecast  front and wind arrived.  We were berthed along with Mary Lunn on the dark side, on the mid-river pontoon. The crew went ashore leaving the skipper to his aches and pains and by all accounts had an excellent meal.

Next morning we were up at 5am new time and felt our way to the entrance in the mist and dark.  A fantastic dawn then took place, duly captured.

Entering Chichesterstan at high water we went over the Winner Sands to the East of the main channel and were rewarded by a seal passing close by.

Many thanks to Saint Graham for his organisation and I hope to be much better in November.



Brian Humber, 25.10.2015 | More from Brian Humber’s blog