Transit to Desolation Sound

Anchored peacefully in Squirrel Cove

After a short run to the shops, in my case a bit of coffee and quick check of emails at one of the local coffee shops, we set off towards Desolation Sound, and first over-night stop at Squirrel Cove. Part motoring, and part sailing got us across in reasonable time, but then two miles before getting there, our engine sounded the overheating alarm.

Michael switched off the engine and Jeff Quentin on "Norfinn" came to our rescue and towed us into the cove and we hung on to them overnight. There was a great first night party on "Norfinn" with several of the other crew came over on their dinghy's.

Squirrel Cove, Teakerne Arm and Tenedos Bay
A quiet morning with breakfast, still alongside "Norfinn".
Michael checked the engine, and found nothing wrong, the diagnosis was that we probably ran the engine a bit hard the day before.

Upon leaving the inner cove, we observed Barry Martinon "Ars Vivendi" going in to the government dock by Squirell Cove Store, and we thought that was a smashing idea as we needed a few things that was not bought in Comox.

A lovely little store, but apparently up for sale. It had a reasonable, but rather depleted selection of groceries, an excellent selection of beers, wine and liquors, in the basement, a very good selection of tools, parts etc in the hardware department.

We then headed north up to Teakerne Arms for lunch and a walk. With a bit of strong words, confusion and getting wet, we managed to moor up stern to, then the sun finally broke through the clouds!!

I had a quick swim around the yacht to the amusement of the yachties around, lunch, then later some of us headed up towards Cassel Lake to view the falls and the lake. I did a bit of exploring of my own to get a better vantage point to get some pictures of the falls.

In the afternoon, we headed down to Tenedos Bay, going past Refuge Cove, Mink Island, then into the very end of the cove. After a bit of struggle, we moored up stern-to in this very sheltered cove, and we enjoyed a nice dinner, as I may say, as I did the cooking!

Rune Bakken, 16.09.2011 | More from Rune Bakken’s blog