Visit from the Greig City Academy

The Greig City Academy is an inclusive Church of England school, open to all from many different backgrounds and faith traditions.  Through their sailing programme, supported by our president Mike Golding OBE, the school is committed to cultivating a love for the sea while promoting the values of inclusivity, caring and partnership.

On this evening, we were joined by the head of Sixth form at the Greig City Academy, Mr Jonathan Holt, and some of the pupils that actively take part in the Sailing Club at the Academy. During their presentation, we were fortunate to hear the students' stories of growth and success through the Sailing Club. The Club members we were very much inspired to hear the students experiences, which consolidates our belief that the power of sailing can and does change lives for the British youth. 

On this evening, we were also joined by Mike Golding, the president of the Little Ship Club, who kindly introduced the Academy to the Club.

Lindsay Brophy, 14.01.2020 | More from Lindsay Brophy’s blog