Stuart Aikman, HPO Fetiyhe, Turkey, will be visiting the Club on Tuesday 24 February and if there is any member who wishes to ask about sailing facilities in that area or the legal aspects of buying/selling property in Turkey, please make yourself know to him...

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Ronhilda's 20 mile Nearly Jan Fast Cruise

The forecast in the week for the Jan FC was uncertain, but seemed to be settling down to a brisk N/NW on the day with a bit of a lull on the Saturday morning.  So with it being Neaps I was looking forward to an easy passage out from Chichester followed by a  crisp hard sail and Charles's course for the day looked very good for all  FCers coming from North, East and West.

Friday saw an unexpected lull which made me a little nervous things were moving through quicker, but the forecast was still for NW/N F5/6 when we needed to be punching our westwards so I was still confidant of a good day.  Foolish skipper that I am, 5am in Chichester Marina saw snow falling which froze on the pontoon woods and a steadily building W wind. We noted the dredger which is digging out Birdham approach had shut up shop for the weekend in view of the forecast F8s.

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The annual Honorary Port Officers Dinner is fast approaching and will be held on TUESDAY 13 JANUARY 2015 starting at 7pm for dinner at 7.30pm.

As this evening is extremely popular, please remember to book early so that you will not be disappointed.

Sir Robin will be talking about his adventures on the high seas in the Route du Rhum race, which he successfully completed coming 3rd in his class - makes me feel a little old!!

Look forward to seeing you all on the evening.


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Ronhilda's Nov 2014 Fast Cruise - Good Sail but still Last

Saint Graham had kindly advised the start was to be in the wild west of the Solent this month, so that would have meant trying to leaving our home Gulag of Chichesterstan at LW springs. Apart from not being able to get out of the maina this is not a good idea if any kind of winds are blowing so the crew voted to part join in Chichester, and move Ronhilda to Gosport for others to join on Friday night. This also meant we could avoid the 3/4 hour potential beat against the flood tide on the Saturday up to the start.  So we bounced over the bar 2 hours before LW on Friday afternoon with the SE F4 kicking up the ebb tide nicely over the bar.

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Just back

I was asked to write  a blog of my recent trip with the Corinthians in the US.  Unfortunately several marine mishaps made it impossible for me to do that, so this is more of an overview – an over view and then some:I have been sailing with Corinthians for nearly 20 years and it has been enormous fun.  I have been involved from the start.  I remember when Clint Springer turned up at Bell Wharf Lane and suggested that our two clubs sailed together.  Our  Commodore at the time, John Stonham hesitated.  Some people in the club were reluctant.  Who are these people, they asked?  Did they know how to sail? Perhaps we could teach them a thing or two?I suspect similar conversations took place amongst the Corinthians.  Anyway those of us who were enthusiastic carried the day and, in 1995,  I was one of 10 LSC members who joined their cruise in the Chesapeake, when Fred Wilson was Master.

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Ronhilda's Oct 14 Fast Cruises - Last But Not Least

It was a pleasant surprise to log onto the Web site and find the first start was just off Portsmouth so even though the weekend was Springs we could have a later start from Chichesterstan Gulag. Even so I had to leave on the Friday evening as I would not be able to get out of the Marina at LW springs so we went down to pick a bouy up in Itchenor reach.  Looking for the Boathook I found it was missing, somebody must have borrowed it and dropped it/not returned it on Ronhilda's berth.  We then found it was difficult to raise a pick up bouy  with a brush using torchlight so we approached stern to and made a bridle across the stern from the bathing platform. This worked well and we had a peaceful night under a clear sky with many stars shining brightly. 

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North Corsica trip May

Three weeks sailing in May from close to Mandelieu S France to Calvi, Corsica. This took 22 hours, we sailed all the way, overnight, with farirly good SW winds. Sailed around the north part of the island, anchoring and enjoying some idylic bays, Mortela for one and Tamerone for another. We had to go into Macinaggio for 3 nights owing to a storm, and then from there to Erbalunga just north of Bastia, where we anchored.

Can recommend this as being a very pretty harbour. Then back sighting Capria and also Elba to south to Baie Tamerone, before heading back to Rivierra. Took 28 hours, sailing close to wind towards Menton, and when about 5 miles off then headed west back to home port. This trip was a prelude to longer trips that shall inlcude the whole of Corsica, the Tuscan Islands and Sardinia, and beyond.

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