Feb Fast Cruise - Chichester Gulag's Bar and a Long Day's Cruising

The weather for this FC had been giving cause for concern since the predicted Low Pressure had appeared on the weather charts on the Monday beforehand. Saturday appeared OK but Sunday was looking bad with strong to gale force Southerlies predicted with gusts to 50kts.  Then Midweek a) the new Chichester Harbour News arrived to confirm the bar had shoaled significanlty and in Sept was only 0.7m below CD and users should allow for  further variations and b) Graham announced the start for this FC was to be in the badlands of the Wild West otherwise known as the central Solent west of Wotton Creek - grim news for we immates residing in the remote Gulag of the East.

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January FC Ronhilda watches the Weather

Ronhilda's patron,  Saint Graham,  had set a start off Portsmouth this month so with a Neap ebb tide and forecast ( in the morning at least!) of light winds those of us berthed in Chichester Gulag, Siberia had some extra beauty sleep and set a lock exit time of 0730am.  On the morning we slipped and waking up several hundred crows perching on mastheads in the marina we informed the lockkeeper we woud be back later in the day and set off down the harbour.

The sea was flat with a low swell from the south as we turned for the Submarine barrier and the start next to Spithead fort.  After Bacon butties, we stayed on the east of the channel to let an exiting gas tanker pass and then started before the inbound Delmonte ship arrived. We saw Oxygen run back with Delmonte and wondered if they were asking for some free fruit.  

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December FC - Ronhilda goes Potting

With light winds forecast the Ronhilda Immates of Gulag Chichesterstan gathered on the Friday evening to have a 0430 Saturday morning bunk call. After getting everybody awake, up and through the Marina Lock, the Spring ebb was in full spate and we were taken down to Chichester Harbour entrance to get across with about 0.8m over the two humps on the bar. 

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Sailing west coast, Turkey

For those members sailing west coast of Turkey, Chris Haire, HPO Izmir has passed on the following information:

There is continued talk about a new marina in Karsiyaka but that's as far as it  goes. On the southern side of the bay at the western border of the city  there is a boutique marina - formerly  known as Levent marina  - but this does not cater for visiting yachts - especially as only Turkish  spoken by  the staff!     All of which  tends to  isolate the city from yacht traffic.  Nearer the mouth of the bay, there are places on the Karaburun peninsular and at Foca on the other side (always crowded).   There are also anchorages in the south western part of the bay but military areas are to  be avoided. 

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Just for info  -  LSC Members might be interested in visiting the Istanbul Boat Show as it has become a major event  in February, about five times as big as Excel and a great place to buy boat bits or just browse, it has a great buzz to it!  Easyjet flights and others cheap from London with good reasonably priced hotels. The exhibition halls are next to the international airport and getting around is easy with brand new metro system. Great shopping too and would make a nice break in the winter months.

If anyone is interested please contact HPO Stuart Aikman (Fetiyhe) who can be of help with advice on bookings etc.

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Chris has sent the following reminder to LSC MEMBERS and hopes to see more boats in the coming year:-

Sorry for the delay in completing the HPO questionnaire but we have been very busy moving Menorca to a more convenient position so that members can find it and that it is not too far for them to cruise !!

Seriously, we had one visitor last year who was n with me continually before his arrival, only to arrive the week that I had to go back to UK!  Anyway, life is great on our little island and I just wish more people would come and see why we have spent 20 years of our lives here. Please ask anyone who requires more information about our cruising area to contact me and I will be only too pleased to encourage them to visit us.

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Ronhilda's FC in Variable Winds - A weekend for the Weather Buffs

Ronhilda was rerigged for the third time in my ownership (time flies by ever faster) in the week before the FC and as always it takes far more time to reset things up than it did to take the mast out.  So it was not until Friday afternoon we were ready to bend on the mainsail and do a test hoist.  Unfortunately the sunshine of the morning had disappeared and the sail was put on in torrents of rain.  We then had 30/40 knots in Chichester Marina for 20mins which was an omen for the following day. All systems passed the static tests apart from having no main VHF arial and the backstay tensioner was found unserviceable.

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Yvonne Phillips, ex HPO South Mallorca

Yvonne has been involved with the  Club for well over 30 years especially when the first Mediterranean Rally  was launched from South Mallorca and many Club members have visited her home, Vista Marina in Palma.    She has resigned as HPO South Mallorca.

She  is now living in Gillingham, Dorset,  if there are any friends who would like to get in touch with her, please telephone: 01747-823126 she would love to hear from you.

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As January 2014 is fast approaching, we have a favourite Club event taking place during the Boat Show and as many people journey to London during this time, the annual Honorary Port Officer’s Dinner is to be held on Tuesday 7 JANUARY 2014 and it is hoped that many HPOs will be able to attend that evening.  Please remember this is a very popular evening so put the date in your diary.

Please note the following  couple of amendments to HPO DETAILS:

Jorn Ovesen,   East Coast of North Jutland,  is approaching 81 and wishes to resign his post.   He was appointed as HPO in 2008 and if there are any members who are  known to him personally, do get in touch.

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Ronhilda's new Patron Saint and FC's 1 and 2

Most FCs this winter are more Neaps than Springs and this made a huge difference last Saturday.  Coming from one of the Gulags in Chichester Habour, a neap FC weekend means no creeping over the bar at 6am at LW with little water under the keel to then fight a spring flood all the way, normally beating in a SW wind to foreign waters far way in the west.  This weekend saw us up at 6am so an hours lie in compared with last year and the sail to the start was far easier and less tiring and stressful. So thanks to Graham for this and he has been made the Patron Saint of Ronhilda as a reward??

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