Fastnet Race preparations

Fastnet Race

There is now just over a week until the Fastnet Race.

Juno has done all the qualifying miles, most of the crew have attended the ISAF Sea Survival Course, at least three of the crew have first aid certificates and two are doctors...

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RORC Channel Race

RORC Channel Race

Saturday 30 July was Juno's last chance for fine tuning before the big race, the Fastnet, in 2 weeks time.  The RORC channel race started at the RYS line in Cowes at 0900. The forecast for the weekend was for  variable and light winds, a complete change from the majority of sailing this year, and early Saturday morning saw winds of about 3 to 4 knots from the east

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RORC St Malo race - the alternative Brittany Rally

St Malo

The next event in the racing calendar for Juno's qualification for the Fastnet was the RORC Cowes to St Malo race which started on Friday 8 July. A number of us were down on the boat on Thursday to prepare for the race. During Thursday night the rain lashed down on the decks and the wind howled through the rigging causing the boat to heel over even though she was tucked snuggly in Port Hamble marina.

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Brttany Cruise - Week One.

Pointe De St Mathieu, Brest

Last Saturday, the 25 June I competed on board Juno in the Round the Island Race and immediately (well, after a short break for a couple of glasses of fizzy wine and strawberries) travelled from Port Hamble to Hamble Point to join Michael Forbes Smith on Aeolus, a chartered HR 36. There would be four of us on board, the other two being Adrian Waller and Julie Rosenberg.

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Sandy Guest in the AZAB: Coming up to the finish - Last day Blog

LSC member Sandy Guest has been competing in the AZAB. He finished on Thursday with a second place in Class 2/Solo. Here is his final blog entry
5.30 am,up most of the night,going hammer and tongs,almost sick with tiredness.Fell asleep at helm,found myself pointing the wrong way.Get a grip mate...

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Arvika snaps a shackle but nearly wins!

The day started very early with rain and strong winds. We only had to get from Cowes Yacht Haven to the start line but even in that short space it was very clear that the wind was very lively and of course, there were lots and lots of boats to contend with. It was great to be back out on the water with Mike but I knew it would be challenging with me skippering Arvika and him taking a more passive role! I had confidence in my crew though as they were Kathy Mason’s Fast Cruise team.

My main, well only, objective for the start was to be on a starboard tack, so we made our way to the top of the line and made a reasonable but not heroic start. With a westerly we only managed to stay on that tack for a while and then had the adrenalin-fuelled tack back out. This pattern was repeated down to the Needles.

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6X goes Round the Island

Happy crew back at Haslar after a challenging weekend

Lightweight 26 foot boats go best in a force 3 with a flat sea. Call me a fair weather sailor, but those conditions suit me perfectly too. So I'd been watching the forecasts carefully in the week running up to the 80th Round the Island race and keeping my fingers crossed for a drop in the wind strengths which were dominating the weather systems across southern England.

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Meerkat's Round the Island Race

The fleet tacking down to Hurst narrows (TH Martinez/Sea&Co/onEdition)

The weather forecast was looking "interesting" at best for Saturday. A brief foray on Friday afternoon to check everything worked and get the start line transit only reaffirmed the belief that Saturday would be windy and rough. Luckily we did not know how rough!

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Nearly there....

Last day of preparations before the Round the Island Race has included a lot of work.... left London at 0630, down to Gosport, took boat to boatyard for lift out and scrub. Went past neighbouring mooring holders doing it for themselves on the piles at Hardway. Made mental note that paying the £120 for a crane and high pressure hose was more than worth the money.

Every time we tied up today it poured with rain. Everytime it poured the wind howled round us. Most impressive moment was young guy on a neighbouring boat jumping straight over the guardrails (hands free) to take our ropes as we went into Haslar.

Spent the afternoon fitting a new cleat, changing the mainsheet traveller, stowing food and kit... and wondering how I wlll find the energy to sail to Beaulieu tomorrow and then round the island the next day. Roll on Sunday 26th!

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Only nine days to go

6X crew kit logo

Our preparations for the 80th Round the Island Race over the past week have been a mix of the important, the essential and the seemingly frivolous.

Let's start with the seemingly frivolous. The lovely people at Wadworth brewery agreed to sponsor our team kit - which was brilliant news. When I say 'team kit' this equates to four polo shirts with the Wadworth 6X logo on the back and the name of the boat and the RTIR logo on the front.

6X was named after the Wadworth beer because she was built in the brewery yard and launched with a barrel of 6X on board, way back in 1977. Both boat and beer are still going strong, which says something about the brand life of a good product: both Trapper 300s and well-brewed beer. The metal label from the barrel is still knocking around the shelves of the boat somewhere.

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