Mid-week rallies

Just a reminder that the mid-week rally programme continues. The next get-together is on July 21/22 and the venue is Lymington. We'll try to get on the Town Quay and Ariel will be listening on Ch72. Please feel free to join us, nothing will be booked and we'll probably be eating in the pub on Wednesday evening.

The programme continues as follows:

Aug 18/19 - Itchenor

Sept 15/16 - Southsea

David Roache, 06.07.2010 | More from David Roache’s blog

Scillies Cruise

St Mary's Sound, Scillonian coming in

Just back from a wonderful cruise to the Scilly Islands via Falmouth, The Helford etc. We enjoyed marvellous settled weather but could only spend a few days in the islands - must return when we have more time.

David Roache, 06.07.2010 | More from David Roache’s blog

Boating Thames style

Solos on the Thames

 My curiosity has always been piqued by a door in a wall next to the Thames marked Twickenham Yacht Club.  Luckily for me, Charlie Quayle and Jill Moffatt actually went through it - and one of their members recently joined the LSC. So this Saturday afternoon I went down to see some of their regatta for myself.

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Life aboard a racing yacht


As the Jog season starts we are republishing Graham Broadway's notes about life aboard a racing yacht. This weekend whilst JOG runs the first race of their season - the Nab Tower Race. Juno  is running practice sessions. We hope to carry an article from Graham next week about what to do when the rudder drops off.

Graham Broadway, 24.06.2010 | More from Graham Broadway’s blog

Sailing6X @ Swallows and Amazons