Raiatea - Update from Éowyn

 I have been a bit bad with emails recently as the internet connections have been bad.

 We spent some time in the Marquesas and then sailed to the Tuamotos. These are a group of Islands further to the west. The islands are again volcanic with the rim of the volcano being the land surface with a reef surrounding it, inside is a lagoon. Whilst there we had some good diving, mainly drift dives. We also visited one of the many pearl farms where  they cultivate the local ‘black pearl’. 

Then on to Tahiti where we met Valerie and Chris, a bit delayed by the Iceland Volcano. They will be leaving us from Bora Bora Saturday. When they leave we will continue to Australia with just Graham and me. John left the boat at Papeete. We have someone else joining us at Darwin and then a change at South Africa.

Michael Birch, 19.05.2010 | More from Michael Birch’s blog

Getting into Racing

Over the winter months I decided that there may well be more to sailing than just cruising and post cruising G&Ts (as much fun as both those activities are!) and so decided to investigate options for trying out some keel boat racing.

Rhian Deakin, 06.05.2010 | More from Rhian Deakin’s blog

East Coast sailing

Our rally season is about to get going. I know some of your boats are not ready yet - but I hope as many as possible will support the West Mersea Rally - contact Anne Malcolm for details.

Demeter will be going but sadly without me. I hope to be out of plaster but will not be safe on a boat! Meantime - don't forget 'informal sailing' - let others know when you are going out.

My personal target is Calais - I'll just have to see how the phusio goes.

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