The season starts at Easter

The Easter Rally looks to my crew to be an opportunity for some creative sailing mixed with a liberal helping of social company and in the prospect of languid spring days with gentle following winds.

Tim Bizzey, 27.03.2010 | More from Tim Bizzey’s blog

JOG race to Alderney, 11-12 June 2010


I was fortunate enough to have one of the best sails of my short sailing "career" on Friday night when I crewed on Charles' Whittam's Juno for the JOG race from Cowes to Alderney.

Sailing certainly readjusts your view of the weather as what a year or two ago I would have classed as a perfect summer's evening I now perceived as frustratingly lacking in wind at a mere 2-5 knots! The Class 5 boats just about managed to get away at 7.30pm before the wind died completely and postponing our scheduled Class 4 8pm start (although there was plenty of "entertainment" in the form of "container ship chicken" being played out by some of the Class 5 boats stranded with no wind!).

Rhian Deakin, 16.03.2010 | More from Rhian Deakin’s blog