North Corsica trip May

Three weeks sailing in May from close to Mandelieu S France to Calvi, Corsica. This took 22 hours, we sailed all the way, overnight, with farirly good SW winds. Sailed around the north part of the island, anchoring and enjoying some idylic bays, Mortela for one and Tamerone for another. We had to go into Macinaggio for 3 nights owing to a storm, and then from there to Erbalunga just north of Bastia, where we anchored.

Can recommend this as being a very pretty harbour. Then back sighting Capria and also Elba to south to Baie Tamerone, before heading back to Rivierra. Took 28 hours, sailing close to wind towards Menton, and when about 5 miles off then headed west back to home port. This trip was a prelude to longer trips that shall inlcude the whole of Corsica, the Tuscan Islands and Sardinia, and beyond.

Paul Brown, 24.06.2014 | More from Paul Brown’s blog