Club celebrates Her Majesty's Jubilee

The flotilla of small boats flying Commonwealth flags above Southwark Bridge

By definition these events happen very rarely and we were privileged to be able to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on Sunday, 3rd June.

The Club’s vantage point on the river enabled us to enjoy an unrivalled viewpoint from which to watch the River Pageant. Well over 200 members and guests crowded the Club to enjoy this unique spectacle, not even the weather could dampen the spirits on a day on which the Club presented a wonderful shop window of all that is great about the Little Ship Club. The view was spectacular, the food wonderful and the fellowship and spirit of celebration everything that you would expect. We were fortunate to have a unit of London URNU with us to salute the Royal boats and to dip the Club’s ensign in salute to the Queen and her family as they passed in front of the Club.

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Mid-week rallies

Just a reminder that the mid-week rally programme continues. The next get-together is on July 21/22 and the venue is Lymington. We'll try to get on the Town Quay and Ariel will be listening on Ch72. Please feel free to join us, nothing will be booked and we'll probably be eating in the pub on Wednesday evening.

The programme continues as follows:

Aug 18/19 - Itchenor

Sept 15/16 - Southsea

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Scillies Cruise

St Mary's Sound, Scillonian coming in

Just back from a wonderful cruise to the Scilly Islands via Falmouth, The Helford etc. We enjoyed marvellous settled weather but could only spend a few days in the islands - must return when we have more time.

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South Coast Forum

South Coast Forum: Ocean Village

LSC skippers met on a gale swept Saturday 14th November at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club to discuss what it was that  members who sail on the south coast were looking for from our sailing  programme. Over a dozen intrepid South Coast skippers representing ports from Plymouth to Chichester braved the worst storms of the  year and the meeting was very constructive and some good suggestions  were aired and discussed.

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