Winter in Sydney

In June I helped some friends sail their Cavalier 38 up the coast. We were expecting to get to Queenlsand but only got to Nelson Bay (about 80nm when the skipper fell off and broke two ribs. That ended that adventure. No pictures unfortunately.

Regular winter maintenance goes on aboard Tulip and there have been nice days of cool sunshine and some SW winds which make good sailing in Sydney Harbour.

The highlight of July was the Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Cruising Division Long Lunch last weekend. I attach a photo which will give you an idea of it. About 30 attendees which is a good number since many of the members have sailed north to cruise the Barrier Reef and Queenland coast.



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Black Tie Dinner

Dear Fellow members,

Last week at the Middle Harbour Yacht Club we had a Commodores Black Tie Dinner and who should we see there but fellow LSC member Pam Cassidy who was visitng to get away from the scorching English summer :-). Anyway it was good to see her and catch up with some LSC news.

I attach a photo of Pam my wife lale and me.

Best wishes to all,

Dick Williamson 

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Autumn in Sydney

Dear Little Ship Club friends,

I have been rereading the last two LSC magazines and getting great pleasure in all the descriptions of rallies and members trips.It was nice to see and read about  old friends again even though I am half a world away.

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Hello from Sydney

Sydney Harbour

Dear Friends and fellow club members,

Well, it has been 6 weeks since we arrived for our new life here in Sydney and much has happened. The weather has been variable to say the least, with a hot wet Christmas day and it then settled into what the met office says is the hottest January for 90 years. Didn’t seem too bad to us but there were a couple of days over 40 which didn’t last long as, when that happens, a southerly wind comes in to cool everything down.

If January was the hottest, February is starting out as the coldest and we have actually had the heating on and a duvet on the bed these past few days. People are accusing us of bringing English summer weather with us. Anyway it will warm up as it is still summer. Enough with the wevver.

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