Looking for a berth in the 2016 ARC

Chris Cox, a friend and a member of the Royal Temple Yacht Club at Ramsgate is very keen to crew in the 2016 ARC. Although having registered with the ARC so far he has had little success in finding a berth. As a member of a club where many LSC members have enjoyed the convivial surroundings and a friendly welcome over very many years, I thought I would put his requirements on our website just in case anyone knew of someone, or were themselves, taking part in the forthcoming ARC and could help Chris find a berth.

If you are, or do, please let either me or Chris know. I'm know he would be more than grateful.


Richard Keen


Richard Keen, 14.12.2015 | More from Richard Keen’s blog

Online bookings – a plea

I recently had reason to request tickets for a forthcoming social event in the club and, as encouraged, went on-line to enter my request for tickets.

Having navigated through the system - quite a feat for me - I then attempted to print-off the two tickets asked for. At this stage, the printout became 'gobbledy gook' and of no use. Imagine my suprise and, to say the least, dismay, when I then discovered that there was a charge made if I requested that the ticket print be carried out by the club office and the charge donated to the RNLI.

Richard Keen, 14.06.2011 | More from Richard Keen’s blog

Stay aboard the Little Ship Club

The Met Office predicts a hard winter this year. How often have we heard that before, yet it seems this time they may be right. The perversity of global warming seems to produce climatic conditions which are contrary to the general trend.

Richard Keen, 19.01.2010 | More from Richard Keen’s blog