HPO sightings

HPOs renew their friendships at the LSC bar

We were delighted to welcome three of our HPOs to the Club just recently.

Pictured are Michael Wynter (HPO Sydney) and Gabe Langerak (HPO Amsterdam) renewing their friendship with LSC members and English beer at the bar last week.

Sarah Fountain, HPO for the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, joined us for the Showstoppers night when she was staying at the Club for a couple of days.

In other HPO news, Anne and Ian Malcolm were entertained and looked after by our HPO Fethiye, Stuart Aikman, his wife Dilek and their young daughter Katrina on their recent sailing trip to Turkey. Ian took this footage of their Beneteau 44 underway in the beautiful blue waters.


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I have arrived back home after 5 weeks sailing up the East Coast of the UK and have met up with three HPOs and on returning to Scotland I shall try to meet two more on the West Coast towards August before laying the boat up for the winter in Kip Marina.


Yvonne Phillips,           HPO Mallorca (South) has returned to the UK and has resigned as HPO.

Dr Meinhard Kohfahl, HPO Cuxhaven, having reached the age of 85 and 17 years as HPO, has stepped down but his son Dr Jens Kohfahf has agreed to continue as our HPO for Cuxhaven.


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Meeting another HPO in Scotland

With Cairns in Arbroath

Sailing up the east coast of the UK seems to be bleak involving long journeys before finding a marina to break the journey, but all Tim’s planning has now fallen into place and we have stayed in some fascinating docks, marinas and fishing ports.

Since my last blog we have practically motored right up the east coast and the next HPO was on the east coast of Scotland and we spent 1½ days in Arbroath, a very pretty dock marina surrounded by the typical grey stone houses, fishing sheds and being a Sunday, people strolling around, some sitting down eating huge ice creams and others attempting to eat fish and chips with flocks of seagulls waiting expectantly for the chance to grab a chip and the pungent smoke from the Arbroath Smokies drifting across the marina all day.

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CHERBOURG is on the main sailing route for  sailors and I do hope that LSC members will make contact , whether just visiting or sailing in, with our new HPO,    MAGALI HAMON at Port Chantereyne.  Magali has been working in the Marina Office for the past 18 months promoting the marina and handling communications.  She has also had her own yacht charter business operating in the UK, Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

We are also very lucky to have Gabe Langerak, LSC member and known in the Club.  He has just taken up an appointment in AMSTERDAM and hopefully will be there for 2-4 years.  During that time, once again, please get in touch with Gabe when you are holidaying in Amsterdam or sailing in The Netherlands.

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It is with sadness that I have to report that Andrew Gordon our HPO CHERBOURG died in January this year.   Andrew had been our HPO for 10 years and I pass on this news for any Club Member that may have met him and his wife, Anne, at their B&B La Goueslonnerie in Quettehou or in the port of Cherbourg.

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New HPO DIDIM Marina, Turkey

I have just appointed CAN POLAT, Manager of Didim Marina, Aydin, Turkey.

Can has been past manager for Bodrum and Cesme Marinas and took over his present post as Didim Marina Manager in April 2011.  The marina  is owned by D-Marina Marinas Group who are Turkey's leading holding company.   Didim Marina has 580 berths and a 600 dry dock capacity with 400 tons travellift.  Any LSC members sailing the Turkish coastline - a warm welcome awaits you in this new marina.

Can attended our HPO Dinner with Hasas Kacmas and it was a pleasure to meet him.


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We have 5 new HPOs:

Jane HARRISON,    Mega Yacht Servcices, ST MAARTEN, Caribbean.

Ronan BEIRNE,       DUN LAOGHAIRE, Co. Dublin.   LSC has reciprocal membership with The National Yacht Club, and Ronan looks forward to welcoming LSC members.

Angus ANNAN,         LOCH LOMOND, Scotland.    Angus looks foward to welcoming LSC members wishing to sail this very different location.

Jerome RENIER,    LE ABER WRACH|, Brittany.   Jerome is Harbour Master and looks forward to welcoming LSC members visiting Brittany.

Larry BLOUNT,        ANNAPOLIS, USA.      Larry is a Corinthian sailor and known to many LSC Members.

Andrew Barrett has stepped down as HPO Annapolis after many years assisting LSC members on Corinthian Cruises.

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Those members who didnt get to the Club on Tuesday 15th January, missed the very successful annual HPO Dinner with13 HPOs attending for the evening.  Two new HPOs received their burgees and certificate of Appointment, namely Ronan Beirne, Dun Laoghaire, a member of The National Yacht Club of Ireland with whom the Little Ship Club has just exchanged pennants and entered into an agreement of reciprocity, and Angus Annan, Loch Lomond, this is sailing with a difference in Scotland. Two other new HPOs were announced, Jerome Renier, L'Aber Wrac'h, Brittany and Jane Harrison, St Maarten, Caribbean. 

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New Honorary Port Officers

I am pleased to report that we have 4 new Honorary Port Officers in very different locations around the world.

BRITTANY:  Jerome Renier, harbour master at L'Aber Wrac'h Marina, Brittany.    LSC members regularly sail around Brittany and Jerome looks forward to welcoming you.

ST MAARTEN:       Jane Harrison, Mega Yacht Services at St Maarten, Caribbean.         Jane is well placed to offer her services, be it for assistance or chartering.

LOCH LOMOND:        Angus Annan.     Sailing with a difference.  Angus looks forward to welcoming LSC members holidaying in Scotland.  Angus will receive his certificate and HPO Burgee at the Dinner on 15th January.

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If you are thinking of departing these cold shores and heading for the sunny Florida coast, please get in touch with Darryl and Lynne Currie (HPO)  who live in Jacksonville, USA.  They have their boat BARCO SIN VELA II at the Florida Yacht Club, just south of downtown Jacksonville on the St John's River which has about 175 miles of navigable safe waters full of wildlife and natural wonders, so if any members are heading that way they would love to see you in Florida - Main cell no: 001-904-735-4639.

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