We have a vacancy at BELFAST AND STRANGFORD LOUGH.   Dr John Dunlop feels that after being an HPO for 27 years he wishes to retire from the post.  The Club wishes to thank him for all his support over the years and if any member knows his personally, do get in touch with him.  A couple of names have already been put forward for the vacancy.


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HPO Contact in San Diego

Success at last!

I have just heard from our HPO in San Diego that LSC member Mark Blunden is in America on business and has got in touch with Simon Clark, our HPO, to see if there was a way for him to get out sailing. Simon will be taking Mark for the day in his own boat.

This is what I like to hear, so please, continue the good work of contacting our HPOs worldwide whenever you are on holiday.

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New HPO for Guernsey

We have a new Honorary Port Officer in St Peter Port, Guernsey,  Mr David Mitchison is an LSC member and currently Commodore of the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club and he looks forward to welcoming Little Ship Club members sailing in his home waters.   He boat is a Hallberg Rassy 39 "Calypso", moored in QE2 in St Peter Port.

As Guernsey is a favourite stopping off island for journeys along the French Coast and on to Brittany, do make contact with David when calling at St Peter Port, mobile: 07781 154478 and email: mitchison@cwgsy.net.




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GUERSNEY -  We are in need of a new HPO for St Peter Port, Guernsey - any members know of a likely person who might be willing to take this job on?

Caroline and Martin Sedgewick have moved their boat to Southsea Marina, Portsmouth. Any members know of another person who would be willing to take on HPO Portsmouth Harbour?

And there is a need for a new HPO for Southampton too as Mick Wigfield has stepped down.

Please contact Anne Le Verrier-Bizzey, HPO LIAISON OFFICER on:   hpo-officer@littleshipclub.co.uk



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Getting in contact with our HPOs

May I remind all LSC Members sailing around the coastline and visiting various wonderful places this summer to make it your goal - TO GET IN TOUCH WITH AS MANY HPOs AS POSSIBLE!   They are there for you - do make their day and give them the feeling of belonging to the Little Ship Club - too often they get missed or ignored.  Do make contact with the HPOs - they would all love to meet and hear from you!!

We have SHEEMAUN and SUHAILI  in the River Pageant on Sunday 3 June - do give them a wave if you happen to be passing down river on that day or are at the Club celebrating in style.

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