20th edition of a classic and well-established cruising companion. It provides navigation information and a comprehensive pilot guide to the ports and rivers of the east coast of the UK from Lowestoft in Suffolk to Ramsgate in Kent, including the Thames as far west as Tower Bridge.

Navigation chartlets are combined with commentary and photographs to guide the sailor through the approaches to marinas and moorings. The aerial views of rivers, as well as being picturesque, help to visually describe the terrain and illustrate the shallows and sandbanks which are a strong feature and hazard of this area.

Unlike other more concise, but none-the-less similarly comprehensive, pilot guides, in this publication essential information is complemented by quotes, local history, family history and additional photographs to provide the reader with a greater insight into the nature of this cruising area - all compiled over the 60 years since the 1st edition of this book was written by the current author’s father.







ISBN number: 9781909911512