It is not written by a fictitious J R Hartley but by a well known international sea angler who has fished in six World Championships for the England Boat Team, edited three sea angling publications, written two books and appeared on television several times. It is written for boatties who still believe there are fish in the sea between Scotland and Gibraltar and would like to catch supper rather than buy it.

This useful handbook of 176 pages will show you how (whether on the move, at anchor, or drifting with step by step instructions and photographs) to set up your tackle, bait the hook correctly and work the tide to catch fish. It even has a chapter devoted to preparing and cooking your catch.

It has many excellent photos and useful Top Tips, such as wetting the monofilament before tightening the blood, uni or leader knot to prevent line burn. This is probably why so many whoppers get away!! It is not a good fishing guide that tells you that Billy Bass is feeding off the second breakwater along from the pier. You will need the internet for that. It is on the other hand a good source of inspiration and encouragement to get out the boat rod and line and have a go.


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