Dag Pike, 9.99 Adlard Coles Dag Pike

This is a book about practical weather forecasting, and it starts where most other books finish. Weather forecasts give you a lot of information about the weather to come but they often leave out a lot of the detail, and the timing of changes can also be vague. In this book, Dag Pike shows how to translate the basics into practical weather forecasts so that you can work out what it will be like in your area and along your proposed route. Sailors will be able to make better use of the available wind and avoid difficult areas, whilst powerboat drivers more interested in the sea conditions will be able to find the smoothest waters for a better ride. With the help of this book, readers will pick up expert tips such as predicting the weather at sea from scanty weather forecasts; knowing what conditions to expect when near cliffs, river estuaries and valleys; understanding how the wind affects tides. Dag Pike is a well-known nautical journalist and author. He was the navigator aboard Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Challenger first when it sank, and again when it succeeded in breaking the Atlantic speed record. 50 Ways to Improve Your Weather Forecasting distils Dag Pike's experience gained from over 50 years of helming a whole range of craft from high-speed powerboats and lifeboats to ships and sailing boats.