It is a testimony both to the breadth of coverage and the excellence of the material that this 1993 reprinting is only the second British edition of this monumental work on knots since it first appeared in 1944, with over 3,800 knots included from a variety of trades. The original has been brought up to date by Geoffrey Budworth and the International Guild of Knot Tyers. A huge variety of knots is illustrated with a vast number of diagrams; the work overall is enlivened by some atmospheric sketches and a few monochrome plates. Unlike some recent offerings, this compendium has had most of the errors hammered out by several generations of tyers and is thoroughly recommended for those wanting to have their imaginations stirred by the full range of rope work, both practical and decorative. 

Editor's Note

This volume was kindly donated by a visitor to the Club a guest of Martin Sedgewick.  As it is not a new edition we have been unable to find an illustration of the cover. 

ISBN number: 0571 09659 X