This is another very instructive book from Wiley Nautical.  It provides guidance, advice and easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to handle asymmetric sails. The author assumes that you know how to sail and have some experience racing. It then goes on to explain everything you might need to know to get that extra burst of speed out of this type of sail.

The early chapters are called Getting Started, Standard Moves, Advanced Moves. So it does not assume too much experience with cruising chutes. The information is set out in clear concise prose illustrated with equally clear photographs and diagrams. It covers everything from hoisting and dropping to gybes and capsizes. There is a lot of advice and tips from experts who are listed and credited. The later chapters being Tactics and Strategy and Racing Rules,

Although mainly designed for sailors of dinghies, high performance skiffs and multihulls, much of the information would be useful to any sailor. It is a paperback, it is light enough to read on the train. And anyone wishing to improve their skill with an asymmetric sail whatever their size of boat would find this a useful read. If you and your crew found yourselves struggling with cruising chutes during the recent Fast Cruises with less than perfect results, you will find this book helpful.


ISBN number: 9780470974261