This excellent little book is a handy guide to serious round-the cans racing. Each chapter covers a different section of the typical course, for beginner, intermediate and advanced racer respectively so you can easily hone in to your level. Tactics include pre-start, start line, first mark, windward and leeward marks, gates, and the finish. Also illustrated are general considerations in calling the weather, tide, favourable side of the course, tacking or gybing, and being consistent. Copious colour diagrams set out each phase for various boat characteristics and how to gain advantage on each leg.

Some clever manoeuvres rely on a general level of fleet experience. More for one-design or dinghy sailing, the average club fast cruiser may first want to brush up with “Be Your Own Sailing Coach’ by the same publisher.

Read this and you will understand what Ben Anslie was up to off Weymouth!


ISBN number: 978-0-470-97321-9