National Historic Ships, funded by the Government, is the Official Authority for the identification and registration of Historic Vessels. This the third volume in the series of "Understanding Historic Vessels" sets out the philosophies and essential principles underpinning vessel conservation.

Compiled by a unique panel of expert consultees and skilfully edited by Dr Robert Prescott and Martyn Heighton, these are volumes that no nautical library should be without. Lavishly and beautifully illustrated (using vegetable based dyes) this is a book that anyone can pick-up and enjoy while also providing for the specialist a meta-analysis of historic vessel conservation with a comprehensive list of references and a link to the National Historic Ships on-line bibliography database. My only criticism would be in respect of the stiff binding spine that imposes on the reader a constant effort to keep the book open!

Editor's Note

Our reviewer, Dr Rodney Pell, is an expert on historic ships.  He owns one and is giving a talk on the subject in the Club on Tuesday 25th January 2011


ISBN number: ISBN 978-0-9566554-0-0