ISBN 978 0 964924 7 3        

Cruising the Maine CoastThis is a wonderful read, even if you never get to go to Maine. A quick glance at the preface, however, and you will wish you were going. The authors plainly love the area and everything about it and are eager to pass on their knowledge to others.

The guide is full of information about the wildlife, the geology of the area, its history, its inhabitants and their traditions. They would like us all to treat Maine and its customs with the same respect and affection that they have.

They describe Maine's history and traditions and give their opinion on which places best deserve a visit – in fact they have graded them. There are pages devoted to seals or the migration habits of razorbills, the history pf the fishing industry.

It is full of practical information usually found in a Cruising Guide about navigation, weather, shore based facilities and amenities; although one hopes one will never need the best places to shelter from hurricanes. All are clearly signalled in the very useful guide on how to use the book at the front. There is an immensely useful section explaining the whys and wherefores of pot buoys and invaluable advice on how to avoid them and how to disentangle yourself if you are unfortunate enough to get caught. The authors point out that the Guide is published every five years, but the website contains more recent changes and comments.:

It covers the entire coast line from Portsmouth in the South up to and beyond the Canadian border and includes advice on how to get there whether it be a course to steer from the Cape Cod Canal to details of public transport in the area, a table of pump out stations, names of charter companies and delightful snippets of local legends and straight history.

It is a delight to read and contains a mass of information for anyone intending to cruise the coast of Maine.