The Imray English Channel Electronic Charts contains the complete set of Raster Imray Charts for the English Channel which covers the area from the Raz de Seine, just South of Brest to Orfordness on the East Coast. It is possible to connect the system up to GPS, AIS and Radar although as I was evaluating the software at home I couldn’t test these.

The software is very easy to use and in appearance is exactly the same as the paper Imray charts. Zooming was easy using the wheel on the mouse and the chart could be moved by clicking and dragging the mouse. Being Raster charts it is necessary to change to larger scale charts to see some of the detail but this was simple using the right mouse key to select other charts covering the position of the cursor. It is also possible to have more than one chart open at a time in different windows. Right mouse click over a tidal diamond will also display the set and drift at different hours of tide.

Virtual dividers are available to measure distances. When used they will also give the rhumb line in true or magnetic. Routes can be constructed using multiple waypoints and once a waypoint has been placed it automatically appears on all the corresponding charts of different scales making passage planning extremely easy.

I have used it to plan a passage from Dartmouth to L’Aberwra’c. and found the software very easy to use.