This publication probably represents the 'Bible' of gaff ring in many enthusiasts eyes.

Now in it's fifth re-print since first appearing in 1970, the publishers have expanded the new edition to 'coffee table' size. Whilst retaining all the original photos, line drawings and sketches they have added new closing chapters dealing the North West England Fishing Boats, The Little Ships of Denmark, the West Coast of France and an Epilogue covering the recent restoration of wooden yachts and the resurgence of gaff rig with the emergence of the fibreglass or 'plastic gaffer'.

For anyone interested in the history and development of this traditional rig, John Leather's book must be acknowledged as an essential part of their library. A fine publication, its longevity, like the Bible, confirms the author's experience and the quality of text and the value of the information it contains. If gaff rig is your interest, this book is a must.

Thoroughly recommended.


ISBN number: 978-1408-14407