Frank Bethwaite is Australia's top sailing coach. This important book collects 50 years of wisdom and rewrites the rules for performance sailing. In 427 pages it examines in detail the theoretical aspects of wind, seastate and rig shape and relates this to the way a crew would sail and handle a boat during a race.

Bethwaite is father to Julian Betwaite - designer of the 49er and 29er - and the book specifically deals with skiff handling and performance with chapters on both classes as well as on foiling Moths. But the research and analysis is also generalised to all dinghy and multihull handling.

With additional chapters and articles by Buddy Melges, Rohan Veal, Paul Cayard and Scott Babbage it really is a summary of the state of the art in apparent wind sailing. According to Rod Carr, "It has the potential to be a standard reference work on the subject"

I'm sure Stephen Morrison / Ben Rhodes wish they'd had a copy in Qingdao. Buy from Amazon
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