Although the word "crew" appears in the title, this book would be useful for both skippers and crews looking to improve their racing technique. 

The book kicks off with step by step descriptions of twenty five manoeuvres which are broken down in a clear way explaining what each crew member should do and when. This is followed by a description of the tasks that are expected from each of the positions on the boat and a profile of the best person for each position.

Although there is inevitably some duplication across these two chapters it is useful to be able to see things from both perspectives. The first two chapters make up the majority of the book. The remainder of the book looks at sail trim, setting up for an offshore race, heavy weather, watch systems, victualling and cooking.

Published by Reeds, the book is written in an easy to understand matter of fact style and contains many lessons learned by the author over years of sailing.

ISBN number: 9781408157282