I picked up this book because it looked like an interesting topic. But is a purely an "A to Z" reference book for two types of people; those who are either working in this line of subject matter (i.e. Marine industry insurance or finance), have an interest in pursuing (or discounting) this line of work, and from a professional standpoint. Secondly, those who have a curious interest in what goes on in this industry and want to understand some of the common terms that are applicable once in a while for those who sail for pleasure. Like myself, I quickly fell into the second category after discounting the first! I kept hold of this book a little longer than I should have as I didn't think the normal time period for a book review would do a reference book any justice. Once in a while, I would come across familiar terms, and some very new and amusing ones. It is useful to get an insight into this industry's existence and have this book available when I genuinely need to look something up rather than just googling it, but also learning something else on the way. Definitely missed on my shelf! JD

ISBN number: 978-1408124420