The title " Replacing your Boat's Electrical System" is rather daunting if like me you would never dream of undertaking such a project  and if something electrical does go wrong a call to the local marina electrician has been the only solution.  To be frank having read the book I still wouldn’t have the confidence to undertake a major upgrade myself.  However, I found it excellent to help me understand how my electrics work, how they should be maintained and most importantly my tool box now has the essentials for any DIY repairs.  Mike Westin has set out to provide highly practical guidance based around his own experience of replacing the electrics on a Vancouver 27.  After a discussion on how to judge the condition of the current system, advice on planning an upgrade project and estimating  electricity usage;  Mike describes the tools needed and how to use them.  Seven well illustrated and self-contained chapters take you through mini projects from replacing cabling and batteries to shore power and lighting. I particularly liked the 'project facts' which describe if a task is easy or difficult, how long it might take, the parts needed, their cost and the tools required.  A series of photographs and step by step descriptions take you through actually doing the work.  The book concludes with a chapter on 'Lessons learned the hard way' which I found particularly useful.  As someone who has always kept away from electrics this is a book I found readable and will have a place on my boat  book self.  I expect it will soon be well thumbed as I discover how my electric system actually works. " 

Publisher: Adlard Coles

ISBN number: 978-1408132937