More of an introduction to rigging rather than a definitive guide.

A better title would be “Introduction to Rigging for Cruisers”. The book sets out to acquaint the cruising seaman with the elements of masts, standing and running rigging, and miscellaneous systems such as guardrails. At the most basic level, this aim is concisely and attractively accomplished, producing a useful read for the novice sailor; however, for the more advanced reader or owner-skipper, the detail is thin in places. In fairness to the author, an experienced professional rigger, he probably did not set to write the definitive rigging textbook. The book is copiously illustrated without too much resort to pointless photographs and treats one or two subjects not commonly covered. Our major criticism is of the design of the book: a full third is devoted to a section covering “marlinespike seamanship”, which is poorly planned, occasionally misleading, better treated elsewhere and gives the impression of having been included to make the book the regulation quarter of an inch thick. The space could so easily have been given to more detailed coverage of the main subjects, which would have resulted in a much more useful book. The place to learn marlinespike seamanship is, of course, the Club’s own exclusive workshops.

Edition: First Edition, 2013

Published by: The Royal Yachting Association (order code G86) Price: £13.99




ISBN number: 978 190643550 9