This is a bright cheerful paperback and the story of a young couple's dream to sail the world. It is well written personal account from buying the boat to marrying the skipper and continuing the trip across several seas and two children. It is an easy and absorbing read even if you have no intention of sailing the Atlantic with a baby in a baby bouncer. It is full of vivid descriptions of where they went, what they did and the people they met and it is wonderfully illustrated with bright colour photos full of sunshine, blue skies and laughing people.

In fact, the book is full of advice and tips and how to cope with a thousand yachting activities based on the author's personal experience during their nine years aboard. She includes some interesting recipes, advice on how to teach children to read and hints on dealing with strange local customs and everything in between. It is worth reading the book for the pictures alone. On a cold winter's evening this really makes you want to sail away.



ISBN number: 9780470979761