Mike Peyton is well known to many of us for his books of yachting cartoons and for his Yachting Monthly Confessional column.  He has produced many cartoon books and this book encapsulates his wonderful sense of humour with this hilarious retrospective of the very best cartoons from the last eight decades.  Mike Peyton has been called ‘the greatest yachting cartoonist' and this book shows why, perceptive, witty and highly distinctive cartoons speak to anyone who has ever taken to the water.

The collection is divided into chapters highlighting some of the situations we can all get ourselves into, or, hopefully, not get ourselves into!   It’s a collection that will bring a smile to all of us, a “there but for the grace of God go I” smile.  It also amusingly highlights in some of the older cartoons how much easier electronic sailing life can be.

A wonderful way to spend some spare time immersed in Mike Payton’s wonderful sense of humour.





ISBN number: 9781 4081 60701