Mike Golding OBE


Anne Billard

The Commodore is the principal representative and head of the Little Ship Club. Their role involves working with the rest of the committee to achieve the aims and objectives of the club as set out in Club Rules. The Commodore hosts the weekly Club Nights and other social events including rallies and cruises. They are Chair of the Club Committee and a member of the President’s Committee.

Vice Commodore Sail and Power

Jonathan Hague

The Vice Commodore Sail and Power manages the club’s on-the-water activities. This includes organising and attending events and drawing up the rally programme with the help of the Sail and Power Committee.


As Vice Commodore, one of the roles is to work with the Sub-Committees to achieve the wider aims and objectives of the club and undertake specific tasks delegated by the Commodore and standing in when the Commodore is unavailable for Club Nights.

Vice Commodore Commercial

The Vice Commodore Commercial manages the club’s commercial activities, including room hire and catering. This includes managing the Club’s facilities and premises to provide maximum revenue for the Club.


As Vice Commodore, one of the roles is to work with the Sub-Committees to achieve the wider aims and objectives of the club and undertake specific tasks delegated by the Commodore and standing in when the Commodore is unavailable for Club Nights.

Rear Commodore Racing

Barrie Martin

The Rear Commodore Racing is responsible for organising the Little Ship Club’s participation in racing events and deciding who is awarded club trophies.

Rear Commodore Training

Graham Broadway

The Rear Commodore Training is responsible for all matters relating to the planning, preparation, and delivery of the LSC’s shore-based training, as well as the arrangement of on-the-water training either by the Club or through external sailing schools. This includes liaising with the Club Committee and Club Secretary to set course charges, control expenditures, book rooms, and advise of required course materials and certificates.

Rear Commodore Marketing & Communications

The Rear Commodore of Marketing and Communications leads the marketing team to come up with innovative and creative advertising campaigns for club events. The role also includes liaising with the Marketing, Membership, and Commercial Sub-Committees to consider how best to advance the visibility of the Club.

Rear Commodore Membership

Paul Banks

The Rear Commodore Membership is responsible for the activities of the Club that are related to membership and non-sailing social events. They actively seek new opportunities to attract people to the Club and organise the London and Southampton boat shows. The Rear Commodore Membership is also responsible for finding suitable ways to promote the Club's regalia and the selling of cookbooks.

Honorary Treasurer

Arlene Keenan

The Honorary Treasurer maintains an overview of the Club’s financial affairs. The responsibilities of the Honorary Treasurer involve overseeing and presenting budgets, accounts, and financial statements while advising on the Club’s reserves and investment policies.

Honorary Solicitor

The Honorary Solicitor advises the Board of Little Ship Club Limited, the Club Committee, the President’s Committee and the Club Secretary as the need arises on the legal aspects of the Club’s membership, commercial and employment activities. The Honorary Solicitor also advises on the Club’s Rules and procedures.


Rune Bakken



Martyn Graham


Sail and Power

Chaired by Vice Commodore Jonathan Hague, this committee oversees the Club’s activities on the water, including the rally programme. It also decides on the award of the various trophies for the Club’s activities. Additionally under this banner are the Skippers and Crew committee and the Handicap committee as well as the HPO Liaison Officer.


This committee oversees all aspects of the Club’s commercial activities. This includes principally catering and room hire

Iain Pickard


Caroline Roddis


Ray Fox


Rachel Maguire



Chaired by the Rear Commodore Training, Graham Broadway, this committee oversees all aspects of the training provided by the Club. It decides on the courses to be provided and their pricing and ensures properly qualified instructors are available.

Graham Broadway


J Richard Taylor


Ian Stewart


Paul Kelly


Jonathan Hague


Peter Newbury


Sylvia Chesters


Mark Scorer


Barry Denyer-Green



Chaired by the Rear Commodore Paul Banks, this committee decides on all aspects of membership such as categories and rates.

Paul Banks


Jennifer Jones

Handbook (printed and digital)

Kerttu Kulasepp


Deborah Wheeler


Pam Cassidy



Chaired by the Commodore Anne Billard, this committee looks after the Club’s social programme, including the selection and booking of speakers for Tuesday nights.

Pam Cassidy


Sylvia Chesters

Tuesday Lecture Programme

Caroline Roddis


Marketing & Communications

Chaired by Rear Commodore Marketing Caroline Roddis.  This committee looks after the website, the monthly bulletins and the Journal. Also under this banner is the Journal Committee which assists with all aspects of the production of the Journal. Members are invited to contact the Club Office to volunteer and create this important support to the Club's activities.

Caroline Roddis


Ian Stewart


Avril Ormsby


Tony Horrocks


Linda Mugridge


Jennifer Jones

Internal Comms

Patrick Smith

Events Designer

Valerie Boakes



This committee looks after all aspects of the maintenance and refurbishment of the Clubhouse.

Finance and Audit

This committee is made up of members deliberately not on the Club Committee and advises and monitors the Club’s financial side including all contracts and insurance. It reports to the Club Committee as required.