Created: 17 Jun 2012 08:10
Updated: 09 Nov 2017 13:14

The Club has a group Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number which can be used for communications between Club boats on rallies, cruises and other gatherings.

It allows you to send an alert to all those with DSC radios who also have the number.

Register to get the MMSI number here

Using the number

  • Use with care
  • Used with discretion
  • Do not give anyone else the number

Adding the number to your radio

Adding the MMSI varies with different types of radio so consult your radio’s operator’s guide for information.

Once a Group MMSI is added your radio will sound an alarm whenever a DSC signal is made either to your individual MMSI or to the Group MMSI.

The MMSI in use

A Group DSC Call is made, usually by a rally organiser, by selecting Group Call on the menu.

  • You will catch all Club boats within range, not just those boats participating in your rally
  • Flotillas are likely to comprise a mixture of boats with DSC and ordinary VHF sets, so that to reach every boat you will obviously need to duplicate DSC and VHF calling.
  • To use a radio equipped with DSC the operator must have a Short Range Certificate (SRC).

  • If you do not have a radio certificate or if you only have the old VHF certificate then you will need to obtain the SRC certificate by successful completion of the SRC course and examination.

One of the club’s radio instructors, Jonathan Hague, is at Bell Wharf Lane on most Tuesdays and will be happy to demonstrate the use of Group MMSIs using the club’s simulator radios and answer any questions.

As some boats will not yet have DSC radios it is good practice for rally organisers to notify all participants of a working channel to be used for radio communication and times of any scheduled transmissions. Where possible this channel should then be monitored for the benefit of those without DSC. Apart from any scheduled times, an alert to yachts with traditional VHF sets can, of course, be made in the usual way on Ch.16, also naming the working channel: the rally organiser may well wish to do so just before, or just after, transmitting the alert by the Group MMSI.

Not all radios are the same, so please check your handbook for exact details of how to initiate and accept a Group MMSI call.

Registering your MMSI

I agree to comply with any directions of the Club or the authorities made from time to time regarding use of  the Club's group MMSI number. In particular, I will stop using it immediately if the Club directs, or if I learn that the Club has relinquished the number, or if I dispose of my boat or cease to be a member of the Club. In order to ensure that all users are properly registered, I will not disclose the number to anybody whether or not they are a member of the Club.