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Nigel Pullman receives a presentation from the Little Ship Club (Peter Holland)
Little Ship Club member Nigel Pullman has been elected a Sheriff of the City of London and Club officers were able to present a book at the Presentation of Addresses at Guildhall in early November, following the Silent Ceremony in which the new Lord Mayor was installed.



Commodore David Roache, his wife Gill, Vice Commodore Peter Newbury and Val Tunmer, Club Secretary, were at the ceremony. The Club contributed to Nigel's badge and chain of office and presented him with a volume of maritime photographs entitled Sea Change, taken by Michael Marten.

Nigel has been a member of the Club for over 22 years and in his thanks said: "I am so pleased (and proud) that the only sailing club in the City of London has one of its members as a sheriff.

"Thank you for the LSC contribution to my badge and chain of office, and I am delighted to sport the Club's burgee on the chain (on the starboard side). Not sure if I mentioned that the backing to the burgee represents an Admiralty chart, symbolising the River Thames.

"And thank you for the splendid volume of beautiful tidal maritime photographs – Sea Change, taken by Michael Marten. It is a lovely book, now adorning my apartment at the Old Bailey, and presently placed under a rather different marine picture – an original Wyllie: Scene on the Thames.

"I was particularly pleased, and grateful, that the Club were able to be one of the four organisations that I was permitted to nominate to make their Presentations. As you saw, it is a rather special afternoon, not only for me, but also I hope for those who were able to attend. I was delighted to meet Gill, and also of course my thanks to Val, for being there and setting the whole thing up, and also to your Vice Commodore Peter Newbury for coming as well, to make up the Deputation."

The Shrieval Chain and Badge of Office presented to Mr Sheriff-Elect Nigel Pullman

The Coat of Arms were designed by the Windsor Herald, William Hunt and are described thus: Carnation two Pallets Argent over all a Roebuck passant reguardant Gules attired and unglued Sable resting the dexter forehoof on a Ship's Wheel Azure.

The Badge and Chain were designed and made by Past Prime Warden Goldsmith, Grant Macdonald.

The central roebuck is that of the Leathersellers; Company and also of Colfe's School. The ship's wheel is from his ketch Philomare, but as a Katharine Wheel it also represents his patronage of the church of that saint in Bath & Wells, and the London docks of the same name which were the founding home of the World Traders.

The inverted sword represents the City of London; the law, by his long service on the City bench; and the Army, his early career and TA service. It is held by the Dolphin, to reflect the Piscean birth sign of his daughter Laura and consort Elizabeth.

The main shield is striped in salmon pink, the colour of the Financial Times, where he worked for 18 years. The shields around the perimeter of the wheel are those of the World Traders, the Inns of Court & City Yeomanry, the Bishopsgate Ward Club and the Leathersellers.

The badge is connected to the chain by Mercury, messenger of the Gods and cap badge of the Royal Signals. The shoulder pieces display the burgees of the Little Ship Club and the Royal Lymington Yacht Club. Their background symbolises the Admiralty charts of the Rivers Thames and Beaulieu.

The motto: CONIUNCTI FORTIORES translates as 'Together, we're a  good team.'