Created: 19 Aug 2016 13:06
Updated: 19 Aug 2016 13:39

After a fabulous Corinthians Cruise we're delighted to have so many pictures and reports from participants. 

Please CLICK HERE for a wonderful illustrated log from Dan and Libby Wright -  a brilliant account of the cruise with great pictures.

A big thanks to all the HPOs who worked so hard to make the various events such a success: Magali Hamon in Cherbourg, Douglas White in Alderney, David Mitchison in Guernsey and Brian Alderson in Jersey.

Brian said that he’d complained light-heartedly at the last HPO dinner in the Club about the fact that nobody ever got in touch and he had nothing to do … next thing he knew, 20 boats and 90 guests were bearing down on him … be careful what you wish for!

Very special thanks to Douglas who did all the work and preparation for the cruise to arrive, and then saw his plans frustrated by the weather.  We will try and come again. 

Please also check out our blogs, which include pictures and tales from this excellent Cruise!

Race results:

race results ccic.jpg