Created: 26 Feb 2015 22:27
Updated: 12 Oct 2017 20:32

Here are the courses for this Saturday's fast cruise - there are TWO races. Open the attachment link below to download the pdf with full details.

Yachts with an LSC handicap of 1.100 and lower shall sail the short courses.  Those with an LSC handicap of 1.101 and greater shall sail the long courses. Please note that if you retire you are asked to send an SMS to race control, not use VHF - full details are in the course document. 

Skippers/navigators especially PLEASE NOTE:

1 - The first marks of both FC1 and FC2 short and long courses are the same, however the START marks for the two fleets are different in both races. Make sure you start in the correct place!

2 - The rhumb line of the courses may pass over or close to an area of relatively shallow water. Skippers must ensure for themselves at all times that the route they take from one mark to the next is appropriate for their boat. The only requirements of the course are that marks are passed in the correct order and on the specified side.

Finally, please call "Sea Echo" on VHF77 on your approach to Beaulieu River PH beacon 24 to be allocated a berth by the RSotnYC bosun at Gins Farm, advising that you are part of the LSC group. He will be listening on a hand held VHF so do not call any earlier, he will not hear you.


Happy sailing.



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