Created: 14 Aug 2013 17:28
Updated: 13 Oct 2017 10:38

The Fast Cruise programme for the winter of 2013 - 2014 has now been finalised. In order to help boats with limited tidal access to their berths weekends closest to neap tides have been selected where possible. The dates and venues are:-

12th October 2013. Port Hamble Marina with dinner at the Royal Southern YC. This is a joint event with the Frostbite rally. Register for the Fast Cruise here but order dinners and book berths on the Frostbite Rally page.
HW Portsmouth: 0537 4.2m/1803 4.1m 1 day before neaps.

9th November 2013. Haslar Marina, Gosport with dinner at the Castle Tavern
HW Portsmouth: 0319 4.6m/1536 4.4m 3 days before neaps

7th December 2013. Folly Inn. Christmas fancy dress.
HW Portsmouth: 0204 4.8m/1416m 3 days after neaps.

25th January 2014. Southsea Marina with dinner at the Marina cafe and bar.
HW Portsmouth: 0530 4.0m/1810 3.8m 1 day before neaps

22nd February 2014. Town Quay, Southampton with dinner at the Margherita.
HW Portsmouth: 0400 4.2m/1630 4.0m 2 days before neaps

15th March 2014. Yarmouth with dinner and prize giving at the Royal Solent YC.
HW Portsmouth: 1050 4.3m/2320 4.5m 3 days before springs