Created: 10 Dec 2007 17:37
Updated: 10 Dec 2007 18:41


Despite a weekend of gale force winds across the south, a stalwart troop of Little Ship revellers were determined to make it to the Folly in fancy dress for the December fast cruise party.

Many crews had already cancelled when the Gosport-based boats set out for the start on Saturday, but when race organiser Lynn Griffiths in Temptress headed back for her home port she was quickly followed by Troika, Positive Thinking and Odin. The race was abandoned although Mary Lunn, proving that traditional boats dont do texts, sailed the whole course and found her way to the Folly. Alan Crux in Synergy (built for comfort not for speed) also made it to Cowes, as did Batfish and Team Charter based in the Hamble.


But those Gosport boats had fancy dress and were determined to party. After a hasty bit of regrouping and rearming they gathered up their glad rags and went over on the car ferry. Odin was incognito as a pantomime reindeer; Mary Lunns crew were looking a little green at the gills (must have been all that sailing) as Christmas trees; Troika took the get smarter prize with their top hats and tails; Team Charter were an unholy nativity of the angel Gabriel, Mary and Joseph (sadly having lost the King and the Shepherd due to inclement crew conditions); Batfish did a Hawaiian turn and Roger Graham was either recycling his Halloween costume or dressing in honour of his boat, Wight Wizard.

marylunn troika crew

Of the 126 fast cruisers booked to take part, it was just 35 hard core party-goers who got to the island and made it a night to remember.

The next fast cruise is on Saturday 19 January from the start line to Northney (Langstone Hotel) and fingers crossed for better weather no excuses for the Chichester boats not to make it that weekend though!

Nativity Wight wizard