Created: 22 Feb 2014 16:25
Updated: 21 Mar 2014 10:55

I’ve always had a thing about belly dancers. Ever since I bumped into one, well not literally, unfortunately, at a fancy dress ball in Nairobi when I was a hot-blooded young man. She worked at the Turkish embassy and when we started the Grand Parade she began her dance routine. I was mesmerised and have been addict ever since.

So when the flyer announced the return of the delightful Roxana to the club I immediately noted it in my diary in ink.

As we were enjoying our Turkish starter of various dips, the exotic and seductive strains of Arabic music could be heard from the dance floor. Then the graceful Roxana seemed to float across the room aided by a fan in each hand from which flowed purple and white diaphanous streamers. She spun, twisted, and twirled in an energetic and passionate style, moving among the tables to the delight of her audience who warmed very quickly to her evocative display.

Roxana is a very talented, high quality performer skilled in several styles of belly dancing. She has a beautiful slim body with just that little extra on her tummy to make it so exciting. She certainly knows how to use it.

After the break she came back with a new routine that included some audience participation. This included the ‘volunteers’ wearing a decorative belt made of silver bells. Several brave members took to the floor and did their best to keep up with her incredible undulations!
In all a great evening made special by such a charming performer.