Created: 27 Jan 2015 13:48
Updated: 16 Mar 2015 11:45

The Honorary Port Officers' dinner is a very popular annual event that starts the year and that proved to be the case. The dining room was decked out with bunting and tables replendant with new country flags.  Our new HPO for West Mersea and Blackwater, Mr John Davison received his HPO Burgee and Certificate and 15 HPOs managed to get to the club having struggled through inclement weather and a bus strike.  Anne, Liaison Officer, welcomed HPOs from USA, Turkey, France, Eire, Scotland, Corfu, Monaco, Ramsgate, Chichester and River Dart.

Gabby and Tim Ryan and family flew in from Eire and Gabby spoke about the forthcoming Shannon Rally in September and hopes to see you there. 

Sir Robin closed the evening speaking about the hardships of sailing solo in the Route Du Rhum Race  which he finished third in his class.