Created: 19 Jan 2016 11:45
Updated: 12 Oct 2017 20:12

The Fast Cruise finally found the Folly just over a month late.

The traditional Christmas visit in December had to be postponed due to Storm Desmond arriving on the original date but on 16 January twelve boats gathered near South Ryde Middle buoy for the dtart of January's Fast Cruise. The weather was sunny  - but exteremly cold with a brisk north wind blowing at 12 to 16 knots. As usual two courses were used, the fast boats being sent off on a 20 mile course while the slower boats followed a 13 mile course. On this occasion the first legs of the course were identical for both fleets with a beat up to E Bramble, a run back to Mother Bank, another beat to Browndown and then a reach to S Ryde Middle before beating back to E Bramble for a second time. It was only after E Bramble was rounded the second time that the fleets deviated from each other.

However, by 1400 the wind was dropping fast and both fleets had only managed about one third of their respective courses. A shortened course was therefore broadcast when the slower fleet was approaching E Bramble for the second time. The bigger boats had already rounded Norris and so their course finished at Hill Head. This allowed everyone to employ the "iron topsail" and reach the Folly before all the daylight had gone.

As usual all boats' crews were dressed overall in fancy dress which of course was followed by dancing on the tables (We have got to keep these traditions alive, even if Christmas is now a distant memory!) The winning Fancy Dress prize went to the Jellyfish of Oxygen so they need to attend the prizegiving party in March!

I must apologise for that late publication of the results this month. Original calculations showed a distinct bias towards the bigger boats and I wanted to check that the relative distances were correct. After arriving home late on Sunday and then falling asleep in front of War and Peace I carefully measured distances sailed on Monday. The corrected results for the LSC handicap and for the Progressive handicap are attached.


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