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Commodores of LSC and Erith YC with the Erith winning skippers of the Sir Robin

A lively prize-giving at the Little Ship Club rounded off a week of events marking the inaugural Thames Trafalgar Race 2013 on Friday 25 October.

Proceedings were introduced by Richard Keen, TTR coordinator for the Little Ship Club, who struck an informal note in his opening remarks. It set the tone for the evening which was full of good humoured banter between competing clubs and skippers.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston commissioned his first ever sailing trophy for the race, which went to the yacht club with the three highest placed boats. The 2013 winners were the indomitable Erith YC which bought calls from LSC skippers to bring on the competition for next year – a sort of 'Americas Cup' of the Thames.

Ard Righ, highest placed LSC yacht wins 2nd in Class A

With awards going to first, second and third placed yachts in the Class A and Class B fleets, there were plenty of cups distributed.

Following the formal proceedings there were some informal prizes awarded for moments which made the race weekend. The first went to Lionel Willis and Caroline V for providing the best photo opportunity of the weekend, as Caroline V spun round in a broach with the race photographer just behind.

Best VHF moment was awarded to the boat that went public with the Monty Python-esque description of the arch of the Thames Barrier to go through: "Charlie Spam" – this award went to LSC's Chamois.

The Bottle of Rum award went to last over the line Le Roamer. The award was collected on behalf of the skipper by race officer Robert Hall, whose father built Le Roamer.

See the gallery below for more pictures, or go to the Thames Trafalgar Race photostream on Flickr.

The Thames Trafalgar Race 2014 will take place on the weekend of 18-19 October – get the date in your diary!

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