Created: 09 Sep 2013 13:18
Updated: 15 Sep 2013 13:41

If you were issued with a LSC Club Handicap for the 2012-13 season for a boat or boats under your control you should be aware that this handicap expired on 31 March 2013. Last year's handicaps ARE NO LONGER VALID for use in LSC events, not least because the formula is being modified slightly for 2013-14.

If you wish to RENEW your handicap for a boat whose measurement details (ie any item on the measurement application form) are UNCHANGED in all respects from last year, you may do so simply by sending an email to stating that desire. That email will be taken by the handicap committee as your formal declaration that all measurement items are unchanged.

If you have not previously held an LSC Club Handicap, or if any details of your boat have changed, or if you wish to receive a handicap for a different boat, or if you wish to change (for the entire season) from/to including a spinnaker in your boat's handicap, then please complete a new handicap application form and return it BY EMAIL ONLY to The form is available as a Word document in the "useful downloads" section on the knowledge base page of the club website: (You have to be logged in as a member to access that page.)

Please normally allow at least ONE WEEK for your application to be processed by the very small (but perfectly formed) unpaid team who handle them. However, if you intend to take part in the first Fast Cruise of the 2013-14 season on 12 October (in conjunction with the South Coast end of season Frostbite Rally) you should submit your application by 27 September at the absolute latest (due to "staff" holidays in October).

We look forward to seeing you on the water (again) for more friendly competition in 2013-14.


The Handicap Committee